Clubs and Activities

  • Net zerO HEROES - Sustainability club – Thursdays at 3:30-4:45 p.m. September to May (grades 3-12). A student-run club with a focus on implementing environmentally sustainable actions for our community.



  • FAB LABS - Wednesdays 3:30-4:45 p.m. October until May (grades 3-12 provided that they can independently sign into a high school media computer). Robotics, electronics, coding and digital design makerspace for having fun.


ROOTS FOR STEM at  OLS    (This activity is currently at capacity) 

  • Board Game Club for Grades 7-9 in room 211 on Mondays starting October 18

Mondays 3:30-4:30 junior high students meet to socialize and play a variety of board games including Dungeons and Dragons. They are invited to bring in their own games to share with fellow peers and teach one another. 

  • Board Game Club for Grade 6 in room 215 on Thursdays from 3:30-4:30 p.m.
  • iGEM 4:00-5:00 p.m on Mondays (and much more independent investigation outside of meetings totalling about 400 hours a year). iGEM OLS SYNBIO iGEM 2021 CTR TEAM

The 2021 team has completed the competition for the year - well done!  Staff and students will decide in the spring if we have the necessary will and commitment to make a championship Paris iGEM 2023 team.

  • Diversity Club - begins early November with a senior high cohort. The club has a variety of discussions that focus on what makes our school and society diverse. We focus on the positives but also discuss how the negatives can impact these diverse groups.
  • Headstrong Committee - open to students in grades 7-12; the club discusses ways to improve mental wellness within OLS such as information handouts and planning events to promote mental wellness. The goal as a committee is to stand up, support and fight stigma.
  • Senior High Gaming Club– One Friday night per month – usually from 6-11 p.m. Starts the second semester
  • Student Council - this goes all year with meetings that are determined by the council. It is specifically for grades 10-12.  Students plan activities for K-12 and 7-12.

Speech and Debate Club

 - runs from 3:30-5:00 on Tuesdays and is open to grade 7-12 students.  This is a club where arguing is encouraged.