Student-athletes have a responsibility to uphold the highest standards of excellence amongst their peers. The Alberta Education Act, Section 31 requires that a student shall attend school regularly and punctually. A student-athlete must be in attendance for the majority of the school day in order to qualify for participation in that day’s athletic events. In addition, all student-athletes must participate in Physical Education classes they have scheduled on the day of the athletic event. If the student-athlete is absent due to a medical appointment it must be cleared by Our Lady of the Snows administration in order to be deemed eligible for the athletic event that day. If a student has not completed required assignments/assessments to an acceptable standard as expected by their teachers by the athletic event date, the student will not be eligible to participate in that event. Section 31 of the Alberta Education Act states that students have the responsibility to (b) be ready to learn and actively engage in and diligently pursue the student’s education, (f) comply with the rules of the school and the policies of the board, and (h) be accountable to the student’s teachers and other school staff for the student’s conduct. All assignments/assessments conflicting with the event date must be brought to the attention of the teacher by the student-athlete at least 48 hours prior to the due date, in order to make arrangements to complete the task at an alternate time. Our Lady of the Snows Catholic Academy high school sports programs adheres to the policies and guidelines authorized by the Alberta Schools Athletic Association (ASAA). The ASAA established the season of play for the following sports that OLS participates in. • Golf: Sept. 1st – last week of September • Cross-Country: Sept. 1st – third Saturday in October • Volleyball - Sept. 1st – Fourth weekend of November • Basketball - Nov. 22nd – third weekend in March • Handball - Mar. 1st – last weekend of April • Badminton – Mar 1st – first weekend in May Track and Field - Apr. 1st – first weekend in June